What is the turnaround time for voiceovers?


Naturally, this depends on the specifics of your project and on my daily project schedule.  In many instances projects are recorded and delivered the same day, sometimes within hours, even as quickly as 1 hour if you can give a heads-up.  I am also available on weekends.  My goal is to get you great voiceover work when you need it. 



Do you do ISDN sessions?


Yes.  The ISDN is Telos compatible MPEG Layer 2, 128Kbps Mono.

ISDN Line One:  (312) 572-8260

ISDN Line Two:  (312) 572-8261



Do you do sessions via Source-Connect?


Yes.  My Source-Connect handle is "mmvo". 



What are your rates?


Please feel free to call or email your script.  I will be happy to provide a quote.  My work is always reasonably priced and 100% guaranteed.



What about retakes?


Retakes are no problem.  If you need to make minor script changes after completion of your project I will be happy to re-record the changes as long as they take place within 14 days from delivery.  If you are doing a major re-write, we'll discuss a reasonable price for the re-recording.  It's very helpful to have your script approved and finalized before recording begins to prevent retakes and delays.



Can I try you out before I decide to book you?


Of course!  Send along your script and I will be happy to record a demo for you. 



I need a "live" announcer for an event I'm planning.  Do you do that?


Yes.  I am skilled at live announcing for award shows, fundraisers, contests, corporate events and meetings.



Do you do character voices?


Yes!  Check out the character voices demo on the Home page.  Also, creating original character voices for animation is one of my specialties. 



Does Marty also do on-camera work?


Yes.  Check out my on-camera reel at this link:  http//youtu.be/gQuvUNTlvf4



How long have you been working as a voiceover professional?


I have been working as a full-time voiceover artist since 1999.



Do you do union or non-union work?


Both.  I have "financial core" status, and am fully authorized by SAG/AFTRA to work on union and non-union projects.



Do you travel to other studios?


Yes!  I record on a regular basis at professional sound studios in New York City, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  If you have a studio where you like to do your recording, I'll be there. 



Can you produce my project with music and sound effects?





What happens when you go out of town and I need you to record a voiceover?


We can arrange recording time at a professional recording studio in the area I'm visiting.  I can also record on my mobile system, but keep in mind the audio from a mobile system reflects the characteristics of the recording environment.  I send email notices to active clients in my database at least 2 weeks before any vacation period so that we can plan ahead and get your audio to you before I leave.



What if I need more than one voice talent for my project?


Over the years I have worked with many talented voiceover artists and will gladly make a recommendation. 



I want to learn how to do voiceovers.  Can you help me?


I'm always happy to talk to you and provide guidance on how to get started and move forward.  Feel free to give me a call or send an email.  When time allows, I provide one-on-one voiceover coaching for a select number of students.  Periodically I am invited to lead two courses for beginners.  One is "Intro to VO", which is a one-time 3 hour introductory course designed for those who are "kicking the tires" of the voiceover business.  The other is "Voiceover 101", a course specifically designed for those who are new to the business.  In addition to significant "mic time" voicing a variety of scripts, this course tells you exactly what you need in order to pursue voiceover work, covers the marketing and operation of your business, home studio setup, demos, and resources you'll need as your move forward.  "Voiceover 101" is configured to be taught over the course of a weekend, or can meet once a week for six weeks.  Both courses can be taught at any location (as long as it is indoors and has electricity!).  If your organization is interested in presenting "Intro to VO" or "Voiceover 101", please call (860) 563-1555 or send an email to mmvoiceover@sbcglobal.net.











Studio: 860.563.1555

Cell:     917.597.2063

Email:  mmvoiceover@sbcglobal.net

Source-Connect: mmvo

ISDN Line One - (312) 572-8260

ISDN Line Two - (312) 572-8261


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